Game Time

Game Time

Constructed to offer the best of both worlds using our high performance monofilament S-Blade with a fibrillated Slit Film.

S-Blade grass products feature our exclusive Luster Guard™ yarn technology. This technology produces an extremely low luster and more natural looking blade while still maintaining complete ultra violet stability and performance.

In addition to using special, low luster resins, the S-Blade profile is extruded with a very precise ribbed texture on the surface of the blade. This unique and exclusive texture reduces light from reflecting off the surface, achieving a non-shiny appearance. Innovation like this helps attain a very natural look comparable to real grass.

S-Blade yarn takes durability to the next level! Its fiber wear was tested at 50,000 cycles (50,000cycles + 20 years of wear). This gives a visual indication on how a synthetic turf system will age in time and the ribbed blade eliminates weak points in fibers creating unprecedented split resistance.

Microban® - Microban® is the global leader in built-in antimicrobial, odor control, and surface modification technologies that keep products cleaner and fresher for longer, so you can worry less, enjoy life more, and Live On™. Microban® technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, keeping your yard cleaner and reducing odors.

Thatch - As a result of the high bulk thatch yarn, turf will stand straight up and bounce back when compressed. Slit Film yarn is a proven product used in many of the highest sport applications in the country; performance is second to none. This Hybrid Blend of 2 premium yarns is a top range solution for conotact sports to playgrounds. Quite simply, Performance Play will deliver an excellent standard of play and longer useful life.

Drainage rate: > 30 inches per hour

  • COLORS - Field Green / Apple Green
  • THATCH COLORS - Tan / Olive
  • TYPE - Monofilament
  • COMPOSITION / STRUCTURE - Polyethylene with brown thatch
  • PILE / FACE WEIGHT - 60 oz.
  • MACHINE GAUGE - 3/8 in.
  • PILE HEIGHT - 1 1/8 in.
  • PRIMARY BACKING - Woven Polypropylene
  • SECONDARY BACKING - Polyurethane
  • WIDTH - 15ft
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15 Year Warranty
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